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Toss & Turn @ Ion Orchard


toss4 toss1

Before an extensive 4k walk to church, I wanted to pack some healthy food for dinner and was craving for a good sandwich and salad. Having passed by this place a couple of time, I decide to try Toss & Turn, a soup and salad bar by Cedele.

Packed in a designer style wrapper, the combo was a mixed grain loaf with chicken avocado and with a side salad.  One bite and you get the flavours from the roasted chicken and the freshness of the vegetables. The avocado had a slight sweetness to it and the good thing about it was that it was slightly mashed and not too chunky on the mouth. 

On the other hand, the salad was piled with lots of goodness; edamame beans, purple and green lettuce, carrots and croutons. The plus to it was the free flow sunflower seeds and pomegranate dressing that I could add to my salad from their counter. The pairing of the sweet and light dressing with the sunflower seeds and the croutons added a nice dimension and texture to the crunchiness of the salad. If you think that pomegranate dressing is too wild for your taste bud, the counter also serves other types of dressings, like the usual Caesar, Thousand Island to the fruity or less heavy kind for the salad.

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I was surprised that the portion of the food left me feeling quite full from the hearty meal! Judging by the stream of people that visit this outlet from office people to school going students, it seems to hit the right notes to appeal to people to eat their greens. I even went back a second time to try to create my own salad to take-away.

However, their service was a let down as I was kept waiting at the cashier while the staff was busy minding other customers and errands. While the regular salad portion was huge, their food prices is a bit steep ($9 for a regular bowl, $7.80 for half a bowl) just for greens and I think having it too many times seems like high maintenance? Maybe I’ll stick to buying fresh veggies from the supermarket and tossing them myself.

Food Hunter

Tong Ah Eating House @ Keong Saik Street


Tong Ah Eating House always fascinates me when I walk along Keong Saik Street. It is one of the most versatile coffee shops. The coffee uncle works in a small triangular work space and people sit around the shop’s triangular periphery having their coffee or their meals.

However, this iconic 75 year old  coffee shop located in a red and white shophouse has sadly relocated due to a new development making way; it is still along the same stretch in a smaller shophouse at 35 Keong Saik Street.


Tofu with Minced Pork and Chai Por (preserved radish) | Claypot Fried Chicken | Stirred fried Kai-Lan (Chinese broccoli) | Coffee Ribs 

This place has two must tries. Its serves zhi char (Chinese home-style dishes) and has one of the best traditional coffee! Apart from the vegetables in the picture, the other three were chef recommendations. The coffee ribs dish is a must try especially if you are a coffee lover. The fried chicken had a tangy lemongrass twist to it.

If you are not there for dinner, the breakfast is also amazing. Their coffee is brewed in the old Nanyang style and the crispy kaya toast with its cold butter strips are sure to kick start your day!

How I wish that old places like this would carry on its heritage and be retained instead of being relocated. I do miss this old peculiar triangular shophouse!