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Ayam Penyat Ria @ Far East Plaza


A friend of mine have never eaten Ayam Penyat before and I decided to bring her to try it. Originating from Indonesia, the chicken is marinated in different spices and subsequently fried. It is smashed (“Penyat”) and served with a fried bean curd, fermented bean curd and chilli.

The outlet we were at was the branch from the original one at Lucky Plaza. Though the outlet was small, there was no long waiting time and service was prompt.


The chicken was crispy and juicy but to my dismay, it looked rather small and did not satisfy my hunger.  However, it was well seasoned and you could taste the turmeric powder. The chilli sauce was spicy and packs quite a punch. But be warned for those with a low tolerance, or you might end up a fire breathing dragon!

Fried and oily aside (which my friend loved it), I think the way how the chilli is prepared makes or breaks this dish, and it is something to excite the taste bud.

I am the baker boy

Herbed Breadcrumb Chicken Wings recipe

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If you are looking for a quick fix and you happen to have chicken wings at home, why not try this simple recipe? Guaranteed to impress your girlfriends, in-laws and siblings.

8 chicken mid-joint wings
1 egg
1 tbsp of water
1/3 cup of bread crumbs
1 tsp of basil leaves
1 tsp of italian herbs
1 tsp of coarse black pepper
1/2 tsp of salt


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COMBINE bread crumbs, basil leaves, italian herbs, coarse black pepper and salt in bowl
COVER with cling wrap
SHAKE well
BEAT egg and ADD water to another bowl
DUNK chicken wings in egg batter
COAT both sides with breadcrumbs and herb mixture

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GREASE pan with vegetable oil
BAKE in oven at 220c for 30 minutes, turning once

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I am the baker boy

Spicy Molten Lava Cake recipe

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What can I say? There is always room for dessert. Especially for this one. Well, the idea came when I received this as a gift a couple of months back.

2013-09-11 18.32.51

2013-09-11 18.33.37

I figured since I always did the Gordon Ramsay’s Hot Chocolate Fondant, why not try a spiced-up version of it with these bad boys? And so it began.

50 g of Newman’s Chilli Bites (about 4 pieces)
50 g of unsalted butter
30 g of caster sugar or 1.5 tbsp of honey
1 egg
50 g of self-raising flour
a dash of cocoa powder (I just used milo powder)

2013-09-11 18.32.39

WEIGH the mixture. It should be at least 130g. Sorry about the knife there.

2013-09-11 19.32.11

TEMPER chocolate with sugar and butter (either over a pot of simmering water or in the microwave for 90 seconds)

2013-09-11 19.32.42

ADD egg
BEAT it into the chocolate mixture

2013-09-11 18.57.58

FOLD flour into mixture after egg is incorporated.

2013-09-11 19.36.50

MIX well.

2013-09-11 19.25.11

GREASE ramekin with butter (tip : tear and use the wrapping paper of your butter)
 ramekin with cocoa powder (I used milo)

2013-09-11 19.25.28

POUR mixture into ramekin and cling wrap if you intend to eat it later.

2013-09-11 21.12.13

BAKE in preheated oven of 200C for 14 minutes.

2013-09-11 21.41.21

LEAVE  in oven to semi-cook for 30 seconds.
REMOVE from oven after that 30 seconds to cool down at room temperature for about 3 mins.
LINE the edges with knife

2013-09-11 21.42.22

FLIP ramekin over onto plate.
PRAY real hard everything goes smoothly from this point.

2013-09-12 18.24.15

DUST with icing sugar
SERVE alone or with icecream

I re-inverted as you can tell.

ENJOY your dessert.

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