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MEDZ @ Millenia Walk

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If you have been to Marche, MEDZ offers a similar concept with a wider range of cuisines. Not only do you get Western food, there is French, Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Spanish. A dessert bar and a selection of beer and cider is also included in the menu. Among the things my friends and I had, we had the rosti, moroccan chicken with couscous, carbonara and the octopus squid ink paella.

Having travelled to Spain and Italy, I had certain expectations of squid ink and paella as separate entities. But I was being too adventurous that day and chose from their menu the squid ink paella with octopus and pork. My paella came with lots off round blops in my plate and I soon realised that it was small octopus the size of fishballs. Honestly, I freaked out a bit at the sight of the “little creatures” because you could make out the whole body with its mantle and tenticles  still intact.

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So with my game face on, I ate the octopus as a whole. The texture was rather chewy and my thoughts went into a bit of an overdrive of whether something will burst out of its mantle. They were quite generous in their servings that I had to give away some the octopus (or rather I did not want to see anymore blops). I felt that the combination of the pork belly, octopus and paella was too much for one seating especially when the squid ink also added on to the rich flavours (I had to have some salsa to neutralise the taste).

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Moving along from that octopus encounter, I had rave reviews for the other food. The carbonara tasted like any regular ones you can find elsewhere. The rosti (according to my friend) was pretty good and thicker than Marche’s. While the Moroccan chicken was quite a refreshing change from the other food that I see commonly. Served in an earthen pot, the chicken was done well and the couscous was a refreshing change from eating plain white rice. My cider loving friends also found their bottles to be rusty and ended up returning the drinks even after a new bottle was given. 


I do think that this is a place to bring friends if you cannot decide on a single cuisine or type of food to have as a group. At least your friends have the choice of choosing what they want and saving you the hassle. The atmosphere is also pretty decent to have friends sit around, linger and just talk while eating. But if I ever return, I think I should stay clear of the octopus and squid ink paella.  

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Saveur @ Purvis Street



Pan- seared duck liver | Lentils | Pickled pearl onion


Pork belly | Green lentils | Soft boiled egg | Natural jus


Beef short rib braised in red wine | Root vegetables | Meslun salad | Potato au gratin


Duck leg confit | Homemade mashed potato | Sauteed shitake mushroom | Orange segments | Orange infused natural jus


Pasta | Chilli oil | Japanese Konbu | Sakura Ebi | Minced Pork Sauce




A roulade of chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce | Basmati rice | Parmesan sauce


Chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken raspberries, roasted rice pugffs, chocolate tuile & praline


Saveur is a place for French food for those on a budget. The queue on a Sunday afternoon was quite telling of how popular this place is. The restaurant is simple in layout. However, the acoustics of the space due to the narrow walls of the shophouse was a bit of a turn-off.

The portions are quite small, so we ordered a spread to share. Out of those that I have tried, I personally like the beef and the duck the most. The braised beef was tender and the essence of the red wine came through in the meat. The nutty taste of the rocket accompanied it well. Meanwhile the duck leg confit had the zesty taste of the orange infused natural jus.

The foie gras was a first for me, and the taste was almost similar to pig liver. The fatty duck liver melts in the mouth – truly an indulgence.

Overall, the food is nice and decent for its price. But if you are a big eater, the portions might not be enough for you so you might have to order more!

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French Toast recipe

2013-09-05 19.16.40


1/2 mini loaf
1 egg
80g milk
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract


dunk bread in mixture
cook till golden on both sides

This isn’t some Mario Batali or Gordon Ramsay recipe but it only takes 20 minutes to prepare. If you are looking to see which of the two french toast recipes is better (Batali’s or Ramsay’s!), do check out RECIPEWARS’ video on youtube. They provide other interesting recipe battles!