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Beef Noodle X Lunch

beef noodle

beef noodle2

Kway Teow | Sliced beef | Beef ball | Bean sprouts | Chinese parsley | Tart chilli sauce

The tenderness of the beef is always something to look forward to in a bowl of beef noodles. With a variety of cuts to choose from (triple, brisket, tendon or frank), it is hard to get tired of this dish.

Not only that, there are other parts of the beef noodle that is yummy. The soup entices me with its herbs and spices brew. Plus, the tart chilli sauce is unique of the beef noodle. Made of grated lengkuas (galangal root), squeezed lime and cincaluk (pickled shrimp), the slight sour and spicy taste helps add a different dimension to the taste and not make eating the beef too much on the stomach.

Oh my. I’m now craving for a good bowl of this again.

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Big Mama Korean Restaurant @ 2 Kim Tian Road

photoBanchan 반찬   (clockwise from top)

yeongeun | myeolchi bokkeum | baechu kimchi | kkakdugi | sigeumchi namul | japchae

2013-08-17 21.24.00-2

Bulgogi Jeongol 불고기 전골

tofu | mushroom | beef | cabbage

The nostalgic smell that greeted us when we entered the restaurant immediately brought me back to the time I was in Korea. Definitely going back for some dakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken)!