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Cooking With Dad : Chicken Puff Pie recipe

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Normally when I end up cooking with my dad, we tend to have no recipes. My dad’s style of cooking is mainly instinctive so pretty much everything new he cooks is based on his experience and experimentation. Likewise, I do the same. We got it from my granddad. He figured out how to prepare roti prata and fish curry simply by tasting it. He would even come up with his own versions of japanese seaweed chicken (yes the ones you spend $0.30 on in school) after he saw how much my brother and I loved toasting them as sides for lunch.

And so this post is just me preparing chicken puff pie with my dad. Just plain o’ pictures and a tribute to family. Dad did the chicken filling. I did the pastry. Tag-team.

I used two basic pastry recipes for the pie. One for the base and rough puff pastry for the top.

(for rough puff pastry)
150 g of plain flour
150 g of butter
pinch of salt
splash of water* (i normally just use just about 20 ml of water?)

(for tart base)
160 g of plain flour
90 g of butter
pinch of salt
2 tbsp of water*

*you normally want just enough water to get it into a dough

MIX everything in a food processor
BAKE for 200C for 15 mins for tart shell and 25 mins for puff pastry
USE eggwash for puff pastry’s top.

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It’s great to cook together with your friends and family so please do. There are more tag-team/collab recipes coming up so stay tuned!