Food Hunter

Sushi Express @ Citylink Mall




Looking at the meals I’ve had recently, it seems like Japanese food is a popular choice. My friend brought me to try Sushi Express which serves conveyor belt sushi at $1.50++ per plate! The same goes for their desserts and drinks.

It’s no wonder that people flock there since the price of the sushi is affordable. One of the most value-for-money items there was the salmon don, which had a generous serving of sashimi slices with corn, seasoned seaweed and rice. The salmon was fresh and there was a nice combination of flavours from the sweetness of the corn with the seaweed. It is always the one that is snapped up the fastest! Just imagine having 10 plates of that – it would amount to eating a full meal!

sushi4Free flow green tea ((:



The variety of sushi was a little different from those I have seen in other Japanese places. Some of them looked quite foreign and I wish there had been a menu to explain what it was. It was quite a risk to try something foreign and not knowing what it was made of. One of them which I tried was the boiled octopus with seaweed that tasted light on the mouth.

Overall, I think that the sushi is good but the variety got a little similar after a while. I was told that there were many others but they probably ran out. However, there was one thing that I was so happy to see, and that was the free flow of green tea teabags! How generous of them!


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