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Sun with Moon @ Wheelock Place

sunwithmoon6Salmon Chirashi Don


sunwithmoon8Seafood Kimuchi Nabe and Saba Shioyaki

Sun with Moon is a restaurant cum café that serves a wide range of Japanese food and even modern dishes. From sashimi, sushi and rice bentos, to steak and foie gras. Their speciality is the kamameshi, which is rice placed on a hot stove. A special soup which is given is then poured on the remaining leftover rice.

Upon arriving, my colleagues and I were surprised that our pre-ordered food for our team lunch had already been laid out. The food comes in a bento set with fruits and if you have a big stomach, you can even top it up with chawanmushi (steamed egg) or sashimi!

I had ordered the salmon chirashi don ($23.80) which comprises of salmon sashimi, roe and grilled fillet. To top it off, the set also came with salmon cheek soup, fruits and jelly. I was literally getting an Omega 3 boost from the food! The best part was that the sashimi that was really fresh but there were a tad too few pieces of grilled salmon. However, by the time I tried to finish the soup,  it was “salmon overkill”.



Sun with Moon does their food with an eye for detail. Each bento is plated beautifully with dainty cutlery and their desserts are no exception! The highlight for me was really the tofu cheesecake ($6.50). Made with bean curd, it came with a bird cage structure. The texture of the cheesecake was so smooth and silky, but their biscuit base was a little on the hard side. Still, I was all smiles after getting to try this.

Although you might need to pay more than $23 for majority of their food choices, it is still value for money considering that you get a set meal and drink. Don’t forget to try their desserts. Even their matcha (green tea) ice cream was a sweet treat!

sunwithmoon4 Sun’s tofu cheesecake


sunwithmoon3Hokkaido mill crepe (soft crepe layered with chocolate milk cream)


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