Coffee Connoisseur

Commune Cafe @ Millennia Walk


Commune Cafe and Bistro No.50 is yet another coffee place that takes pride in perfecting that aromatic cup of coffee. Their coffee literally brightens your day with its citrusy tones – definitely a great way to perk up your morning.


Their speciality here is the Gibraltar Latte. It is a latte with less milk, thus making it more intense. We tried the Gibraltar Latte here and it packs a punch – strong coffee and creamy steamed milk. Every hot coffee drink at Commune Cafe is made with two espresso shots, so a latte with less milk is definitely not to be trifled with. With its milk to coffee ratio lying between the macchiato and the regular latte offered at this cafe, it is definitely a great choice for those who are looking for stronger coffee, yet are not quite that bold. We found the illustration on the blackboard wall of this small cafe especially helpful!  


Gibraltar Latte



Since the Cafe is part of the furniture shop, Commune Lifestyle, there is no seating area available within the shop space itself. What is unique is that seats are located along the two bridges connecting the two sides of Millennia Walk. Although this results in a glaring lack of ambience – given how some cafes use music to create a certain vibe in the cafe – it is also a terrific place to have a good chat with friends over coffee without any disruptive music (we all know how we sometimes disagree with the music choice of the cafes we visit and thus find it hard to focus on anything we try to accomplish). The peaceful environment of the less-frequented mall along with the flood of natural light through the glass sunroofs and high ceilings combined give Commune Cafe an identity of its own.

Food here is limited to simple bistro food such as paninis, cakes, and more recently, soups and waffles.


How can we be any less thankful for a good cup of coffee and a tranquil place to engage in a great time of fellowship or to complete some work? TYFTFWE wishes all our Muslim friends a happy Hari Raya and do head down for your coffee fix this public holiday!


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