Coffee Connoisseur

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar @ The Quayside



Latte | Cheesecake Crumble


Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar is a cozy establishment in the Robertson Quay area that takes their coffee seriously. The sister cafe to Necessary Provisions and Homebodies, this is a must-visit for those on a coffee quest. So serious are they, that they even have coffee brewing apparatus on sale in the cafe. So together with my co-authors, we decided to make a trip to this place.


Cheesecake Crumble

Smitten offers simple fare such as sandwiches and a couple of cakes. The great interplay of textures in the Cheesecake Crumble made it a joy to eat; the crunchy crumble acted as a foil to the smooth and creamy cheese. While the cake was not too rich, the taste was slightly one dimensional. It could have done with abit of lemon juice to cut through the creamy cake. Although it was not bad, it could have been better. Smitten is, after all, more focussed on coffee than anything else and that should be sufficient reason to visit the cafe.

The latte was brewed well and if you are quite the connoisseur, this place serves options to do a cold drip, v60 and more! They also have a wide selection of teas (more than most cafes I have been to) to chose from if you prefer other alternatives.


 Small scale espresso machines on display in the shop.


The cafe takes up a small rectangular shaped unit in the building and has a tiny seating area inside along the wall. Only a couple of round-table seats are available inside. However, choose the seats outside the shop as they allow you to face your coffee companion comfortably, making for better conversation. The outdoors seating is airy and well-sheltered, so there is no need to brave the elements for alfresco dining in Singapore. It also offers a view of Robertson Quay – what’s there not to love about riverside dining at an affordable price?


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