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Artistry Cafe @ Jalan Pinang




As Singaporeans, we often lament the lack of support for our local talent. Local artists, designers, singers, musicians, artistes – they never seem to garner enough hype or popularity. It is heartening that a cafe such as Artistry cafe has taken on the mission to provide a platform for the exhibition of the works of emerging artists, as well as a stage for performers. Not only that, the cafe also sources its beans from local roasters, Liberty Coffee, continuing the theme of #sgpride.

Artistry cafe prides itself in its coffee and I must say that this is one of the best places for coffee. Not only is the roast great, it also does a pretty good job with both the quality of the steamed milk and the latte art.


Cafe Latte | Cappuccino

Instead of walking through a front entrance along Jalan Pinang, I was greeted by a wall. To enter the cafe, one has to enter by the side along Victoria Street which is converted with a deck and some benches. This cafe is housed in one of the many old shop houses in the Kampong Glam area. It has a charcoal grey façade, complete with monochromatic painted planks forming its deck, upping the chic factor of the place more than a couple of notches.


Seats on the outside are just along the main road, which can get rather hot and dusty. Those seeking the cool comfort of air-conditioned air in hot and humid Singapore will have to share a long communal table inside the cafe. There is some charm in doing so as you get to observe your fellow diners and it is a slightly different experience for Singaporeans, given how many of us are used to simply keeping to ourselves.


Old used furniture from a clan association adds a retro twist to the interior.


Some tongue-in-cheek artwork at the doorway reminds us of just how blessed we are to have such an efficient transport system on this little island, yet we see the occasional breakdown as hell on earth. The cup is always half full I guess!

artistry7 artistry8

Walking around the quaint shop houses in the area proves how youth culture has settled so well in a culturally rich area such as Kampong Glam. It has not diluted the cultural aspect one bit; in fact, the two come hand in hand, drawing a rich mix of people to the area, which makes it a brilliant place to people watch or a great place to while away a lazy afternoon.


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