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I Am @ Haji Lane


A new addition to the already painfully hip Haji Lane area is I Am. I stopped by this small non-airconditioned cafe just off New Bridge Road for a tea time snack, but I believe it has much to offer for main meals.



The interior of the cafe is kept simple. with a raw white wall, complete with stains, adorned with a simple mural. However this is set to change from the time I visited the cafe!


Decadent Chocolate | Fries and Mayo


Decadent Chocolate

Almost all kids love chocolate and the kid I went with was no different. I had initially wanted to try one of their many crepe cakes but she chose this. However, it turned out to be a winner! The cake was moist and melted in our mouths. The chocolate frosting was not cloyingly sweet.

Their fries are served Dutch style, in a paper cone and with mayonnaise on top. Thankfully, these were not frozen fries. Instead, what we got were straight cut fries with bits of potato skin still attached at their tips – testament to the fact that these fries we not processed strips of potato. Crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, these moreish fries were finished in the blink of an eye.


Iced Latte | Cafe Latte

I have heard that their burgers and mains are excellent as well and would love to return to this month-old cafe soon! If you’re out shopping on Haji Lane, do drop by I Am for a break and a bite!


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