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Spicy Molten Lava Cake recipe

2013-09-12 18.36.56

What can I say? There is always room for dessert. Especially for this one. Well, the idea came when I received this as a gift a couple of months back.

2013-09-11 18.32.51

2013-09-11 18.33.37

I figured since I always did the Gordon Ramsay’s Hot Chocolate Fondant, why not try a spiced-up version of it with these bad boys? And so it began.

50 g of Newman’s Chilli Bites (about 4 pieces)
50 g of unsalted butter
30 g of caster sugar or 1.5 tbsp of honey
1 egg
50 g of self-raising flour
a dash of cocoa powder (I just used milo powder)

2013-09-11 18.32.39

WEIGH the mixture. It should be at least 130g. Sorry about the knife there.

2013-09-11 19.32.11

TEMPER chocolate with sugar and butter (either over a pot of simmering water or in the microwave for 90 seconds)

2013-09-11 19.32.42

ADD egg
BEAT it into the chocolate mixture

2013-09-11 18.57.58

FOLD flour into mixture after egg is incorporated.

2013-09-11 19.36.50

MIX well.

2013-09-11 19.25.11

GREASE ramekin with butter (tip : tear and use the wrapping paper of your butter)
 ramekin with cocoa powder (I used milo)

2013-09-11 19.25.28

POUR mixture into ramekin and cling wrap if you intend to eat it later.

2013-09-11 21.12.13

BAKE in preheated oven of 200C for 14 minutes.

2013-09-11 21.41.21

LEAVE  in oven to semi-cook for 30 seconds.
REMOVE from oven after that 30 seconds to cool down at room temperature for about 3 mins.
LINE the edges with knife

2013-09-11 21.42.22

FLIP ramekin over onto plate.
PRAY real hard everything goes smoothly from this point.

2013-09-12 18.24.15

DUST with icing sugar
SERVE alone or with icecream

I re-inverted as you can tell.

ENJOY your dessert.

2013-09-12 18.36.01

2013-09-12 18.36.30

2013-09-12 18.23.33

2013-09-12 18.36.49


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