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Merely Icecream @ Sunshine Plaza

2013-09-06 21.24.17

2013-09-06 17.19.52-1

Well, Victor’s Kitchen was closed for the day so we decided to get ice cream here instead.

2013-09-06 17.19.13-1

Banana Walnut | Salted Butterscotch

I was honestly taken back by the banana walnut simply because it tasted so good. Even the banana walnut gelato from Gelare pales in comparison with it. It’s a definite must-try for banana walnut lovers like myself!

The overall decor of the place isn’t fantastic and for an ice cream place. The air-conditioning was really lacking. However the tables had doodles and other random stuff stuffed by folks under the table-glass that made really interesting reading. Well, here’s something we thought was pretty interesting!

2013-09-06 17.11.50-1

Why the monochrome? It’s because this  punk below refused to introduce me to her friends in fear of awkwardness. Watch her hungry, greedy, salivating face as she snaps photos of the ice cream.

2013-09-06 17.15.13-1

I love you punk.


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