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Habitat Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road

2013-09-05 13.04.14

2013-09-05 13.04.24

2013-09-05 13.05.23

2013-09-05 13.04.04

lunch with evan

2013-09-05 13.14.15

2013-09-05 13.11.15

cafe latte

2013-09-05 13.13.10

“He will guide you”

oven-baked shepherd pie | bruschetta on toast

2013-09-05 13.14.23

Waffle Sunrise

belgian waffles | hollandaise sauce | maple syrup | scrambled eggs

The blend served at Habitat Coffee was a trio of Brazilian, Sumatra and Ethiopian, resulting in a smooth taste, medium body and dark roast sort of flavour. However something about the coffee that day made it a little bit acidic.

Well if you are looking for good food and a coffee fix along Upper Thomson Road at affordable prices , this is definitely the place to go.


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